To the avid skateboarder, the sport is a perfect mixture of exhilarating and upsetting experiences. The magic you feel when the sun shines on your face and the breeze blows your hair in the early days is incomparable. And there are the times spent strutting uphill or trying not to lose your balance coming down, and ultimately losing the battle on some occasions. The introduction of battery-powered, boosted boards brought succor to many a skateboarder. The boards compensate for most of the failings of manual devices and the upsetting moments can now be few and far between. Here is a comparison between two of the best budget electric boards on the market.

Faboard Gold vs Boosted Mini


This is one aspect where the Farboard Gold beats the Boosted Mini hands down. The Boosted Mini is widely hailed for its compactness and small size. But at 15 pounds, it’s still difficult to carry around. The Farboard Gold weighs all of 10 pounds and it is comfortably the lightest electric skateboard on the market. The Farboard Gold also possesses a compact build. Combining the build with the lightweight makes it easy to carry about. Asides the portability advantage, maneuvering is easier with the lighter skateboard.


Electric skateboards are great. But you can’t travel forever on them.  At full charge, the boosted Mini can take you all of 7 miles. Avid skaters may find this mileage slightly underwhelming. Many skaters end up traveling with the charging rick or getting an extra battery to boot. The Farboard Gold boasts a slightly more impressive mileage than the Boosted Mini. At full charge, the battery lasts up to 8.5 miles. Just like the Boosted Mini, you’ll most likely need an extra battery with the Farboard Gold. The Farboard Gold has a lightweight and easily interchangeable battery. So, swapping is much less of a problem. To get an electric skateboard with a better battery life, you’ll definitely have to increase your budget.


The Boosted Mini travels at an impressive top speed of 20 mph. The Farboard Gold comes up short in this regard. Its top speed of 16.2 mph, although adequate for most purposes is not enough to best the Boosted Mini. You should know that operating any of the boards at full throttle for extended periods could reduce the distance traveled at full charge. Often, you’ll need to shuffle between the three ride modes available, depending on your expertise and mood.

Air travel

The Boosted Mini doesn’t meet the TSA guidelines. As a result, it is considered unsafe for air travel. The revolutionary Farboard Gold has a battery that is precisely engineered to meet the guidelines, making it safe for air travels. Thus, you can take the Farboard Gold with you to your favorite holiday locations and effortlessly skate the days away.


The Boosted Mini is currently the more popular option and it gives you most of what you need in a miniaturized, budget electric board. The Farboard Gold, although less heralded, gives you much more than the Boosted Mini at almost half the price of the Boosted Mini. Making a choice between both options shouldn’t be too hard.