100% FREE WHEEL – Keep riding FÄBOARD even when the battery dies.

Swappable Battery – Want to go further? No problem swap it out while you ride to keep on going.

LED Lights – Worry-free and safe during night ride.

Air Travel Safe – Take FÄBOARD wherever you go even on an airplane!

Long Battery Life – Only 2 hours to charge FÄBOARD’s battery and take it the distance.

Regenerative Breaking System

What can you expect from FÄBOARD GOLD

Fully Replaceable Wheels

Keep FÄBOARD GOLD looking and riding like new with completely replaceable wheels.

Powerful Belt-motor

The powerful belt motor is 900W each and 1800W in total. To drive this powerful pair of motors, we have redesigned the battery structure to fit the design of this revolutionary skateboard.

The Secret Behind Our Powerful battery

The FÄBOARD battery was designed specifically to fit the small, lightweight skateboard. The technology behind the battery design is unique for a powerful electric skateboard in such a small and light body. The goal was to create a battery that would fit the 99Wh requirement for travel with lithium batteries but could also drive a powerful electric skateboard. In the end, we designed a 10C discharging battery (Samsung/LG depending on the supply) which has twice as much power as the 5C discharging batteries found in other electric skateboards. This design has made it possible to use a smaller battery to drive the monster 1800W motor.

Remote Controller

FÄBOARD GOLD Remote Controller has a new ergonomic design. It features an oversized roller thumb wheel for precise control of acceleration and braking. Wireless connectivity up to 10 meters for safety. The bright LED’s make sure you always know your speed mode and charge level for clean reading in sun light. The Remote Controller is easy to pair with both the Dual Belt and the Dual Hub version.

The Finest Wooden Deck