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Let us introduce you to our FÄBOARD GOLD 2 Dual Belt! We now have a new more Powerful Samsung battery! We are extremely excited about our portable and affordable electric skateboard.

Lightest Dual Belt electric Skateboard on the market! 10.2 lbs 4.6 kg
Shipping WORLDWIDE !!!
Air Travel Safe battery!



This is our lightest board the FÄBOARD GOLD Dual Hub. The Specs speak for itself:

  • Swappable Batteries
  • Air Travel Safe
  • Lightest electric Skateboard 10.2 lbs 4.6 kg
  • Range: 8.3 Miles 13.3 km
  • Speed: 26km/h 16.2mp/h
  • Max Load 120kg 265 lbs
  • Hill Climb 17.5%
  • Wheel Size: 75mm
  • Deck Length: 70cm 27.6 inches
  • Rechargeable Braking System
  • Auto Turn on feature
  • Finest wooden deck made out of Canadian maple and Bamboo wood
  • Charging Time 2 hours
  • Long Battery Life
  • Light yet durable – FÄBOARD GOLD is build to last
  • Works without power – Keep riding FÄBOARD GOLD even when the battery dies
  • FÄBOARD is water resistant with an IP rating of 54.
  • 7 days money back guarantee

For our European customers go to: https://esk8europe.com

Additional information

Weight5 kg

23 reviews for FÄBOARD GOLD 2 Dual Hub

  1. Sahitya

    I love this board even though I havent used it yet. It look so good! I wang one badly.

    • Fabian

      Hi Sahitya. I’m glad you like the board ???


  2. Arun Joseph

    I have been following you and noticed that your price of the skateboard seems reasonable, and let’s hope they meet the simple required function of the electric skateboard.

    It looks great, Hope it makes it big in the market.

  3. Antoine M.

    I’m so happy that someone has finally created a powerful, small and cheap electric skateboard!!! My birthday is on the 13th July and I will buy one for sure 🙂 Do you think that it’s going to be finally available and shiped before that date?

  4. reiner hartmann

    it looks amazing i think i have to buy one

  5. Hugo

    Looks great, shipping worldwide?

    • xin

      Hi Hugo, yes, we do drop shipping worldwide!

  6. sagi obergout

    i might buy the board no its not a review but the specifications are looking good for me the only thing that concerns me is the weight it can take

  7. bastien richel

    hi fabian how is the remote

    • Fabian

      The remote is awesome ?

  8. Sahitya

    is there going to be a longer range electric board with a longer and wider deck coming out anytime?

  9. Shank

    I used this board to get from point A to B in the hospital I worked at and it’s great. You could even do tricks on it once I bet the nurse $20 bucks that I can Ollied over a pacient during surgery without harming him. Needless to say I lost 4 things that day $20 bucks, a pacient, my board after it was confiscated, and my job. Anyway going to order another one and see what happens.?

    • Fabian

      haha awesome! You have to film it for us ?

  10. Francesco

    Is it waterproof?

    • Fabian

      Not completely waterproof but it has an IP rating of 54.

  11. AZRI

    Trying to save up so i could get one.. Hope the price stays the same cause im still saving up. Hahaha

    • xin

      Definitely! Also sign up for our email subscription, we occasionally will run promotions!

  12. red

    the board looks nice Im saving up for an elwctric skateboard i think this one of board ill consider to buy

    • Fabian

      Thanks we’re glad you like it!

  13. Ryan

    Fabian, will you make spare parts available through your website? And do you cover duty and import tax on delivery to the uk?

    • Fabian

      YES! Spare parts will be available on my website soon! It’s impossible to cover it by ourselves but you will be able to send it in if you have any damages

  14. Jaq

    Looks Awesome, if I ordered one tonight when do you think I would get it?

    • Fabian

      We have the board in stock now! You would get the board within the next 2-3 weeks!

  15. Mark

    Hey Bro! I’m from Mallorca (Balearic Islands), so this will be a problem in the shipment?

    All my best for you!

    • Fabian

      Hi Mark

      Yes we have had problems before.. Is there any possibility you could pick the board up somewhere?

  16. Sannyben

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

    • Fabian

      The boards are in stock now and we will be able to send all the orders out in this weeks ?

  17. Jack

    Hi, swappable PU or not?

    • Fabian

      Yes the wheels are swappable as well!

  18. Edu

    Hi, Im from Tenerife(Canary Islands) is it a problem for the shipping?

    • Fabian

      Hi Edu

      We can’t find any shipping company who ships to Tenerife.. Is there any possibility you could pick it up somewhere?



  19. Jack

    Hi there, what is the estimate transit time from the moment you place the order to its delivery? – EU-Slovakia

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